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    Amazon Boxtumes

    October 28, 2020

    It’s almost Halloween!

    Today we decided to do something fun and make our own Amazon Prime Boxtumes! Growing up my mom always made our costumes. Hers were elaborately sewn costumes that took months to construct… But I was not gifted with the ability to sew or ability to plan that far ahead 🤣. BUT I do have an addiction to Amazon shopping, leaving me with mots of boxes, and lots of art supplies!

    Marlow’s came up with idea for a Rainbow! And Maddox decided he wanted to be a storm. So we made lightenting bolt for him and tiny cloud for Maclan. These costumes were a blast to make, super easy to put together, and included things I found around the house.



    • Amazon Boxes
    • Scissors
    • Paint
    • Tape
    • String
    • Brushes (sponge)
    • White Spray paint (quick drying)
    • Plain solid colored t-shirts for under box cutout



    1. Draw outline of rainbow, lightening bolt, and cloud on boxes.
    2. Spray paint white. (makes colors more virant)
    3. Cut out designs
    4. (Optional)Spray paint entirely white (makes colors more vibrant)
    5. Paint (we used the kids paint we always have around the house for art projects Linked here)
    6. Attach strings to the top of the rainbow to make a strap to hang around neck.
    7. Tape lightening bolt tand cloud to t-shirt
    8. Go collect some candy!