Dear Maclan

April 19, 2020

Dear Maclan,

We are ready for you! We can’t wait to meet you. Your big brother and sister have been asking when they would be getting a new baby for over a year! Well, technically Maddox has been asking for two babies 🤣

I remember being so worried in the beginning. With my other two pregnancies I was never nauseous but this time I had 24/7 nausea for about 3 weeks. And for some reason that really worried me. Like somehow this pregnancy was different and that scared me. We even paid for extra testing to be sure. Don’t worry- all the tests were good! They were more to ease my mind than anything else.

I remember one night in the beginning when I couldn’t sleep. I was up worrying about how I would sleep and breastfeed this time. (Since we currently cosleep with both kids and Marlow is still nursing). Then I worried- how can I be the parent I want to be to 3 kids.. can I do it? Will I be a good mom to 3? I only have 2 hands. And honestly it wasn’t until we told Maddox and Marlow the news that I suddenly felt calm. They were so excited. Maddox has all the answers- “Mom you feed the baby. Daddy will change diapers. I will play with the baby. And Marlow will take naps with the baby.” And Marlow kept repeating “I hold the baby. Won’t drop it!” 🤣Something about their words made everything seem like it was meant to be. Like three was going to be our number.

Your dad chose your name right away. I suggested it and he said “yep, that’s it! Mac!” Marlow says your name is “little baby.”  And Maddox insisted on calling you “Max.” When I said no he replied “Ok, well you can name the baby whatever you want and I will just call him Max.” And both kids knew you were a boy before we did.


Your dad has been calm from the beginning. First thing he said was “Prefect, now we can use that extra bedroom upstairs.” Then he said “I wonder what his personality will be like.” You’ll find out soon but you have an amazing dad, two incredible siblings, and an excited mom who are going to smother you in love!


Now If I’m honest, I wasn’t going to set up a nursery. But when I saw Delta Children’s new line in Target I knew you needed one! Your entire family came over to put everything together. Uncle B.A. (Brandon) and Sarah moved all the old furniture out of the room while Lolli and Poppy put the dresser together. Then nana, Maddox, and even Marlow joined in on putting together the crib. It was such a fun day and you are so lucky to be surrounded by and loved by such an amazing family already!

We can’t wait to meet you! We hope you like us as much as we already like you! And we hope you like your new room! It’s all yours buddy!



Your New Family!


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